This is the Word AutoCorrect booklet you’ve been wanting!  It’s the 21st century and teaching and technology have combined for a better student and faculty experience. Whether you’re a full-time professor, adjunct instructor for a dozen schools or one, Rigorous Grading Using Microsoft Word AutoCorrect: Plus Google Docs contains all the steps necessary to auto include essay feedback, insert rubrics, pictures, audio and video! Plus instructions to back up your AutoCorrect comments to another computer. Yes you can increase rigor and grade faster!

***Works in All Versions of Microsoft Word from 1995 through 2018!***

“Well done and nice work on a great little book that is so very useful!
-- John (Jack) H. Shrawder., Executive Director, Teaching for Success,
Faculty Success Center
“Dr. Bean offers a complete step-by-step grading guide that faculty will relish. The idea for consistency among feedback comments is so compelling the book should be part of any faculty development or certification program.”
-- William Rugg, Ph.D., Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs,
Montana State University-Northern

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“A must have resource for all educators serious about 
providing detailed feedback!"

-- Nina Dulabaum, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology,
Sauk Valley Community College, Dixon, IL

Rigorous Grading Using
Microsoft Word AutoCorrect: Plus Google Docs, Booklet

By Erik Bean, Ed.D.

from Westphalia Press
Imprint of The Policy Studies Organization
1527 New Hampshire Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20036