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Monday, November 17, 2014

Brigit Hemmer, RN, MSN
Assistant Professor
Department of Nursing
Havre, MT  59501

To: Provost William Rugg, Ph.D.:

"I utilized the information Erik provided
us in grading my papers yesterday and
I think I found that a lot of the points,
particularly in providing corrections
with recurrent APA formatting issues,
to be very helpful and definitely time-
saving for grading nursing papers. 

I’m amazed that there are aspects of programs we have been using for years that I know nothing about, yet they can really provide us with some valuable tools that are consistent for students and time-saving for us.  I find that I am able to achieve some sort of balance between the information he provided us and the utilization of rubrics on D2L to input feedback and grades. 

Thank you for providing this opportunity. Your workshop was very beneficial!"


  1. Rigorous & Time Saving Electronic Grading Includes 30 Additional Minutes to Help Faculty Set Up Their Own Auto Comments! Total 90 Minutes only $249!*
  2. Step-by-step lessons from all major
    sections of the book are covered in an entertaining and interactive approach.
  3. Most faculty agree the workshop renews their commitment to electronic
    grading with a sense of enthusiasm
    and excitement that benefits their students immediately.
  4. Books must be purchased separately for each participant via Amazon.com in paperback or Kindle.
  5. You provide either a computer lab setting or ask faculty to bring their laptop computers.
  6. Each workshop is designed for 10 to 20 faculty participants.

60 Minutes of Time Saving Electronic
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Erik Bean, Ed.D. at a recent Michigan Google Educators Conference

November 2015 Cleary University Presentation
Catherine Harris
Adjunct Faculty
Cleary University, Ann Arbor, MI

"The presentation was well thought out. The information can be applied to more than just college essays and thesis. It was comprehensive and easy to follow. I would highly recommend this to anyone required to write a paper academically or even professionally."

"It was my pleasure to attend a recent presentation by Dr. Erik Bean here on our Montana State University's campus in Havre, Montana, and I want to commend him for his work. To begin, after hearing him speak and demonstrate about "Rigorous Grading," as well as reading his text, I have learned some very important tenets to use while I am reading and then evaluating the many (online) papers and examination with which I am charged. For anyone who has essay and/or longer written assignments to assess, then I highly recommend you attend a Dr. Bean workshop and/or buy his text called RIGOROUS GRADING Using Microsoft Word AUTOCORRECT Plus Google Docs. He has much professional advice and help to offer that can be of much use to students and educators."

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(Left to right): MSU-N Instructional Designer Justin Mason, MSU-N Provost William Rugg, Ph.D., Workshop Host Erik Bean, Ed.D., and MSU-N Dean of Faculty, Randy Bachmeier, Ed.D.

April 2015 Detroit Adjunct Presentation

Carolyn Ford, Ph.D.
Campus Faculty Assessment Liaison
University of Phoenix

"Rigorous Grading Using Microsoft Word: Plus Google Docs provides faculty the most useful tool for instantly inserting repetitive comments that can otherwise make the feedback process mundane. The workshop and book demonstrate not only how to grade more efficiently, but I can easily grade more than one student at the same time. This allows teachers to focus on additional personalized comments. The advice goes beyond just inserting comments. The advice shows faculty how to best download, label, and update electronic grade books, for example. There is no faster way to grade and provide student feedback than use of his system."

Dr. Bean's Presentation at Montana State University-Northern


Dr. Fred Smiley
Professor of Education
Montana State University-Northern

***Works in All Versions of Microsoft Word from 1995 through 2018!***